Is the Whole Greater than the Sum of its Parts?

A philosophical dilemma which has tormented mankind for centuries. It is based on the idea that while each of the individual parts of a composite have meanings on their own, taken together, the meaning may change.

is whole greater than the sum of its parts?

The likes of Aristotle and Einstein have spoken before. I wanted to find out what happens when common people try to have a philosophical argument.

Physicist : In nuclear fission, Energy of the composite object + Energy needed to split it up = total Energies of the separate parts after the split. As far as energies are concerned, the composite object is less than the sum of its parts.

 Sports Star: Secret of my energy? Drinking Boost, running in Nike shoes, fuelling my car with Castrol, dancing with hot models in a Cola ad, you name it! My celebrity image is surely bigger than all the brands I endorse, but to audience, sum of these products equals who I am, the (un)real me!

 Writer: Right! Products are props in a story- be it your pseudo story or my exotic novels! Can you imagine Cinderella without her glass shoes, or a Sherlock Holmes minus the pipe? I find crafting these detailed characters take more effort than writing the whole plot. 

 HR Manager: Spot on! An applicant with character is what I look for. “He must be flexible enough to work in teams and self-motivated to work independently.” When I side with the Japanese, adding up all the individual efforts doesn’t count as much as”teamwork. But when I go with Americans, it’s often a different taste of ‘me-is-more-important-than-us’. 

 Baker: As far as taste is concerned, eating flour, eggs and suger is surely not as tempting as the cake itself!

Physicist: Did you match the weight of ingredients with your final product, Mr Baker? Due to weight loss in mass transfer…

Sports Star: Aha! reminds me It’s time for a club transfer…

Stopping here. Hope you’ve found an answer by now.