From an Aboriginal Reserve to Graduation Podium

Renowned elder and champion of the Aboriginal people, Elsie Heiss has been awarded an honorary Doctor of Arts by the University of Notre Dame, Sydney.
“I felt like a VIP,” Heiss says, recalling last December’s award ceremony, as she diligently sets up her church for the next mass. “It was the ultimate thing for me, for my work over the years.”

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Aboriginal elder Elsie Heiss addressing 2010 graduates

The award was given in recognition of Heiss’s devoted work as a health educator Continue reading


Fob Watch


It is six past eleven. At this time Grandfather would have been snoring happily while his favourite watch minds the time inside his coat’s pocket. Grandfather is not here anymore but his watch remains faithful to the family despite being tossed aside on a neglected corner of the closet. Its relentless ticking often scares the little mice away who dare to poke and play with the little lion perched on the chain. Even though the golden chain has turned rusty, the “Made in England” signature on its body boasts of an aristocratic past.

What a glorious past it was! The watch was a fascination for two generations; the young children and grandchildren who marvelled at the small second watch inside the big watch, locking up the second-hand. Now ticking away each of those seconds, the watch bides its time to join the master.