Poetics of Edibles

My friend Michael Chew recently sent me a link of Gaston Bachelard‘s Poetics of Space. I enjoy looking at the ontology and epistomology of things around; so this inspired me to ponder on and write about the simple things in life. The first post is on what we consider edible and our relationship to these ‘foods’.

To a hungry man-worm is meat, moon is bread, roots are salad. 
A drunk has similar outlook towards life.

A mango is ripe not by its color or guise,
but flavour that draws the swarm of flies.
(read mangoes sweetened with formalin!)

Egg sheds shells, a new life twitters
Oyster sheds shell, a pearl brightly glitters
Man who sheds shell, is lost among others.  

What is tastier than drumsticks?
watching a mother hen nursing its babies. 

Break-in, steal kids: Kidnap
Break a nest, steal eggs: Sport