What makes me :)

My list goes…

1. As soon as it finishes eating, my dog wipes its mouth on my skirt. Pretending to be adorable, it uses my dress as a towel!

2. I run out of credit and my phone operator sends a 40% recharge bonus. Coincidence?

3. A saree-clad woman sweeping the street smiles absently as I walk past.

4. A secret glance, pat on the shoulder, a ‘like’ on facebook.  It’s thrilling to feel admired for that very second or less, eventually lost amongst the trivia of our lives.

5. The seed I planted months ago and watered diligently, bursts into baby roots.

6. The grilled fish turns out perfect! Lemon, salt and right temperature do wonders.

7. Watching a father-daughter wedding dance. (Watch it 1:15 onwards…hilarious)

8. The line, “amake marben na ami choto” (Don’t hit me, I am petite) written on the back of a rickshaw.

9. Winning a criss-cross game.

10. Flipping through old albums, spotting a photo of me wearing grandma glasses.

Would love to hear what makes you smile. Share by leaving a comment.


6 thoughts on “What makes me :)

  1. Okay, here is what makes me smile in dhaka:
    – Seeing a stray dog wag its tail as I approach
    – Watching a bird (you know, those big ones with orange feathers 🙂 ) soar in the sky, without flapping a beat
    – Seeing kids play in the street, with the little one on the sidelines copying the bigger ones
    – Watching the sky turn golden then dusky pink from a rooftop while hearing the hum of the city drift up all around me
    – Spending a lazy afternoon with a friend, so engrossed in chatting about all kinds of random topics that we forgot to do the things we planned
    – Riding my bike through Dhaka traffic, weaving in and out of the cars and feeling silent camaraderie with the other riders
    – Sharing a bowl of homemade pasta with my housemates
    – Watching boats laden with people make their languid journey across Banani lake at sunset
    (and a couple of hundred others…)

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